When we talk about building a website, we’re not just talking about me choosing and building a site which simply distributes information. We’re talking about a collaborative process that involves both of us discussing what goals you would like to achieve from the website, what information you would like to display in the website, what branding style the website should reflect and what specific features you would like to see implemented in the website.

I Listen

I listen to what you envision for your new website, including taking a look at some websites that you like or don’t like, and how you plan on maintaining the website once it is completed.

I Partner

I present a proposal followed by a formal agreement.  This includes cost and schedule based on the website design requirements that we discussed in the initial consultation meeting.

 I Plan

I identify a few website framework and template options for your site, and then present them to you for final selection.  I also specify content that you will need to provide to me, i.e. images, text, etc that I will need in order to populate the site.

 I Design

Once the final framework has been selected I design the site that meets your specific design requirements. This includes creating a site that displays your content in a style that speaks to your target audience, includes features that sets you apart from your competitors and delivers a cutting edge user experience.

 We Review

We both meet to conduct a design review and testing of the site. I will subsequently conduct a thorough audit and add any finishing touches in preparation for the initial website launch.

 I Finalize

When everything has been tested and approved, and final maintenance training has been completed, WE GO LIVE!  A celebration will surely follow!

You Relax

My goal is to

  • make this an enjoyable experience for all
  • knock your socks off, and
  • continue to collaborate on future projects.